A Strength to Pay Forward:

Story by Michele Fisher
Photo by Nick Romanenko
(Reprinted Courtesy of Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey)

In hearing that someone has battled cancer more than once, a typical reaction might be one of pity or sadness. In the case of Subha Barry, who has fought the disease six times over a 15 year period, the reaction is jaw dropping. But this is not a story about fear, sorrow, shutting down or feeling sorry for oneself.

According to Barry, hers is a story of success and survival, as well as one of embracing life and giving back. It is a story she hopes will inspire others to do the same.

Subha Barry is the embodiment of a successful career woman. The 53-year-old Barry found herself breaking through barriers even before she established herself in the corporate world of finance. in her native india, tradition dictates that a young woman go from her parents’ home directly to her husband’s home. in 1983 – 21 years old and unmarried – she left her family home in india to attend Rice University in Texas on a scholarship. There she met her future husband, Jim Barry, and earned two master’s degrees – one in business and one in accounting.

Please click here to read the rest of Subha’s story at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey’s Cancer Connection.

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