Ms. Xiaowen Wang – 2015 Steven A. Cox Scholar

Xiaowen is currently a graduate student in Dr. Steven Zheng’s  lab at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Xiaowen received her Master’s degree from Zhejiang University, and then worked as a visiting researcher at Rutgers Cancer Institute before enrolling in the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Graduate Program at Rutgers in 2013.

Xiaowen is a highly motivated, intelligent and skilled researcher. She has already published co-authored papers in PNAS, Cell Reports and EBioMedicine. In particular, Xiaowen used Crispr technology to successfully help validate a mechanism of acquired drug resistance to a new class of anticancer drugs called mTOR kinase inhibitors.

Xiaowen’s research interest is to understand how the interplay between metabolic regulation and control of redox homeostasis, a process crucial for cancer cell growth and survival. Xiaowen has generated genetically engineered mouse models and is in the process of testing the hypothesis that SOD1, a key redox regulator, is important for tumor initiation and development. If successful, her work could lead to a novel approach to target the deadly lung cancer.

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