The Ladies Professional Golf Association In the Fight to Eradicate breast cancer (LIFE) Center at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey is dedicated to teaching young women how to maintain breast health and reduce the factors that increase their risk of breast cancer.

The LIFE Center, created with generous support from the Val Skinner Foundation, is a place where women can come to better understand their personal risk to develop cancer and what they can do about it.  The LIFE Center is positioned to identify and meet the needs of young women of diverse cultures and ethnicities.  Researchers and medical professionals at The LIFE Center are dedicated to improving young women’s understanding of their risk to develop breast cancer and their knowledge of appropriate prevention and screening strategies.  In addition, the LIFE Center in partnership with Rutgers School of Public Health established BioCONECT, (Biology of Cancer Online Education Connecting Teens), a science-based curriculum that has been offered to more than 200 high school teachers from approximately 80 schools in New Jersey and South Carolina since 2008.

The interactive program looks at the biology and genetics of breast cancer through the eyes of fictitious teenage twins, whose mother is diagnosed with the disease.  Students learn about breast health, breast cancer, cancer genetics and prevention through the twins’ website and blog.  As part of the BioCONECT program, the BioCONECT Oncology Leadership Development (BOLD) Initiative is a summer camp experience offered by the Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey and the Rutgers School of Public Health (SPH) that gives students a chance to learn about the development of cancer.  Click here for additional information.

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